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Jennifer’s thirst for knowledge led her through extensive education, clinical experience, spiritual teachings, continued professional development and research spanning over three decades in Naturopathic, Chinese, Bioregulatory and Energy medicine.

Jennifer sensed very early on in her education that to truly heal the body, emotions and soul, she needed to acquire a unique skill set enabling her to identify and address the root causes of the complex modern-day wellness challenges people face - especially in the areas of immunity, inflammation, detoxification, neurology and metabolic health. 

She is a qualified and registered Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Acupuncturist, Bio-energetic practitioner, Reiki Master, Healer, certified practitioner in Homotoxicology, Mesotherapy and Bio-puncture, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting and HeartMath.

In her integrative and personalised approach to health and well-being, she merges the ancient wisdom of time-honoured healing traditions with cutting-edge, evidence-based testing and innovative technology to awaken the body’s inherent ability to heal itself.

Jennifer is a published author and an award-winning journalist, writing for many publications including the hugely popular weekly column “What’s the Alternative?” for The Sunday Times Style magazine which over 1.5 million readers read in the UK alone.