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Kim is a registered Nutritional Therapist who qualified from the renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition in 2005. Kim was drawn to nutritional therapy following an illness in her late 20s. Although conventional medical treatments provided some relief, they merely addressed the surface symptoms without tackling the underlying issues. A search for answers led Kim down the path of nutritional therapy and she began to witness profound improvements in her well-being. This revelation was a huge turning point for Kim and led her to study nutritional therapy - an experience that genuinely altered the course of her life.

Kim's commitment to her clients revolves around a comprehensive examination of the root causes of their health concerns. Her initial consultations involve taking an in-depth case history and exploring symptoms. Kim establishes health objectives and then collaborates closely with each client to create personalised health plans. Functional testing may be recommended such as stool or hormone tests to assess any imbalances and inform personalised diet and lifestyle recommendations. As a certified Nutrigenomics Practitioner, Kim also can provide nutrigenomics DNA testing. 

Kim’s ultimate objective is to equip clients with the tools and knowledge they need not only to address existing health concerns but also to proactively mitigate potential future health issues.


Kim Parker

Kim Parker

Nutritional Therapist